With a covered production area of about 30.000 sqm, STM workshop is divided in several areas, each one dedicated to a specific process operation: metal prefabrication, laser cutting, punching, marking, welding, pre-assembly, painting, packaging. An efficient IT system supports the production in order to maintain efficient and traceable production. Excellent production quality is guaranteed by a combination of best available fabrication competencies and accordance with leading-edge production standards.

Production Process

Carrying out the whole production process, from the engineering to the production, inside our structure allows us to have a perfect coordination and a strong reactivity to the Customer’s needs.

  • 72.000 sqm plant (30.000 sqm covered)
  • 50 cranes (10 tons)
  • CNC combined drilling/Cutting/marking for UPN profiles
  • CNC combined drilling/Cutting/marking for HE profiles
  • CNC turning machines
  • CNC punching machine
  • CNC cutting machine
  • CNC combined laser cutting