The “Lisbona Drainage Master Plan” will have a major impact in the quality of life of the city of Lisboa, which is frequently invested by huge flooding due to sever raining.

The desire to draw up a plan that would minimise the effects of cyclical floods came to be in 2002. The plan was later approved plan in the 2007. However it took seven years before the plan was formally presented with an execution timeline ranging from 2016 to 2030.

In 2023, it enters its most critical stage, the construction of two collecting tunnels.

The biggest one,  going from Campolide to Santa Apolónia, is the one where STM expertise has been involved with the supply of a complete belt conveyor system for the handling of the pit’s excavation muck.

This bigger tunnel will be involved in the rainwater collection on Avenida da Liberdade, Rua de Santa Marta and Avenida Almirante Reis, in addition to capturing part of the water from the Caneiro de Alcântara. In total, this underground structure will extend for 4.6 kilometres.

The second smaller tunnel, 1.6 kilometres long, will drain rainwater between Chelas and Beato. The tunnels, both 5.5 meters in diameter, are budgeted at 133 million euros, out of a total of 250 million, which is how much the drainage plan will cost.


Where: Lisboa – Portugal
Application: Tunnelling