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“To innovate is to invent tomorrow with what we have today.”

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We are constantly looking for ambitious and creative people, at the beginning of their working career or with a solid experiential background, passionate about the world of mechanical design and ready to get involved in a reality strongly linked to innovation. What drives STM’s activity is innovation and continuous improvement. Every action implemented is aimed at increasing the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the design solutions studied for customers. For this reason, great importance is given to the professional growth and experience of people through continuous training.

The figure inserted actively within the technical department and supervised by the technical manager will be responsible for designing plant layout and detail. For further information read the Job Announcement


The resource placed within the production division, coordinating a team of 2 people, will be responsible for monitoring and updating the Quality Management System. For further information read the Job Announcement


The resource will be inserted inside the technical office, where he will be responsible for: Processing of executive drawings of mechanical systems; Detailed technical development (layout, piping, carpentry etc); Drafting of technical specifications.


If the open opportunities are not in line with your profile, send us your application for future professional opportunities.


Our values


We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve our production processes and maintain competitiveness on the international market.

Made in Italy

All the phases of our projects, starting from the design to the realization, are 100% developed in Italy in our factory.

Certified Quality

Our processes are recognized nationally and internationally for their quality and high level of environmental sustainability.

Our Selection Process

CV Assessment

Evaluation of the experiences gained and of the academic-training path and professional certifications

Motivational Interviewing

Verification of compatibility of candidate’s experience and motivation with company needs

Technical Interview

Meeting with line managers and analysis of technical skills through practical tests

Placement in the company