STM developed a specific conveyor system for the concrete placement, both for conventional concrete both for RCC concrete, which is tipically used for dam constructions.

In order to reduce the entire duration of the construction site, to meet operative, financial, environmental benefit and to deliver as soon as possible such important infrastructure to the local community, contractors are increasingly looking for equipment able to guarantee them continuous feeding with flexible use mode.

STM  meets all these requirments by supplying a conveyor line able to follow the dam growing, with special devices as elevation tools for conveyors and distribution devices as swingers, crawler placers, tripper conveyors.

Our Hydro Projects

Jannah Dam

8 May 2020

Rogun Dam

8 May 2020


Yusufeli Dam

7 May 2020

Site C Dam

7 May 2020

Ulu Jelai Dam

Ulu Jelai Dam

6 May 2020


Shafaroud Dam

27 February 2020


Neckartal Dam

24 October 2019