STM is ready to share its experience in the dam market, thanks to the great expertise gained operating in many world projects (Namibia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Turkey, Sudan), to develop even more innovative solutions for bulk material handling in order to meet the needs of all its Customers.

In particular, in the RCC Dam’s field, STM developed the whole material handling process, both for the aggregates to cooling and batching plant, both for RCC concrete from batching plant to dam site.

STM works in strong partnership with the Customer in order to develop the best solution for crushing plants, to provide an efficient and effective system to handle the material flows. The system engineered from STM in some plants for the aggregates handling allows to have only one overland conveyor for all the different lump sizes. A PLC system manages automatically the flow of different materials, with an easy and flexible logic.


STM is working to install the belt conveyors package at Neckartal Dam, in the Karas region, Namibia. The Neckartal dam will be made from RCC concrete and standing around 80 meters high. The volume of RCC dam is 750,000 m3 and 450 mt total STM’s conveyor lenght installed.

In this occasion STM provides a cutting edge and complex plant able to lift in order to follow the growing of the dam wall. To meet the needs of the contractors that want equipment able to assure uninterrupted feeding, STM realized a new swinger conveyor: a special conveyor with main features of rotating (even up to 360°) and self-elevation.

Undoubtedly, the swinger is an effective solution to follow the elevation of the dam but it is necessary to modify the height of the conveyor which feeds the swinger as well. To reach this goal the conveyor, with another upper conveyor which discharges the material in it, is located on a self-lifting 60 mt tower which is provided with a lifting system.

The tower is composed of an internal tower supported by an external one during the lifting phase. In the internal tower there is a one meter base on which additional modules are added and a last fixed module. This module is the place where the two conveyors are located: the upper one discharges the RCC in a lower conveyor which reaches the swinger.

Hydraulic cylinder are used to lift the external tower that has to sustain the fixed module, when this is raised it is possible to insert the additional modules. Each module is six meters high. This innovative lifting solution allows the belt conveyors to have a 3° inclination range, indeed it can have a minimum inclination of minus 20° and reach a maximum inclination of plus 20°. This solution is very appreciated because it satisfied one of the more compelling need of the contractors who use concrete as construction material.

  • Industry: Concrete Placing
  • Location: Namibia
  • Material: RCC Concrete

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