STM is supplying an important belt conveying system to support the movement of the mining activities of a new cave in the Italian Province of Cuneo.

A project for the modernisation of one the biggest mine in the Cuneo’s province, at the present days the biggest dolostone site in Italy (and among the top producers of the whole Europe) will involve the opening of a new excavation front. The aim of this project is to increase the extraction level but also to reduce to environmental impact of crushing and excavation operations.

The new front opening will guarantee at least 20 more years of extraction but will need take into account the environment aspects of the surroundings.  There will be a major focus on the biodiversity safeguard and reestablishment of the existing conditions with the planting of several trees species such as birch, maple, cherry-tree and pines.

Being a partner in such projects always represent a great moment of pride for our team. This specific application enlights the versatility of STM Conveyor Systems that, thanks to its gathered experience, allows to supply an integrated system for the different needs of the job site.

For this project, the tunneling know-how has been exploited to support the extraction activity from within the cave, ensuring the continous transportation and the low space impact; what is usually adopted for the movement of debrils excavation, here  becomes crucial to transport the precious dolostone that dwells in the Dolomiti mountains.


Where: Italy
Application: Mining, Tunnelling