STM is involved in power plants functioning with a conveyor system which is used to transport light humidified ash which is the result of the coal combustion.

The STM team created conveyor belts able to handle very hot material with high level of moisture and abrasiveness. Moreover, conveyors are situated outdoor so they are equipped with a rainproof roofing and they are treated to face different atmospheric conditions like temperature leap and a saline and industrial atmosphere.

Even if the material in this case is not so difficult to process or to transport, the low density means it is necessary to change the design approach to handle a high volume of material but at same time to guarantee high values of tonnes-per-annum to feed the processing machines adequately.

Thanks to its strong know how, its attention to the quality, the focus on the customer and the uninterrupted improvement of industrial standards and practices, STM is globally recognized as trusted partner in developing custom made solutions.

  • Industry: Thermoelectric
  • Location: Mexico
  • Material: Hot Ash
  • Total lenght: mt 255
  • Tons/h: 60
  • Slope range: 18°
  • Special characteristics: Ash at temperature of 110° – Atex area