STM is honored to be part of the 2024 Vietnam Ambassy visit in Italy by hosting the delegation’s visit in its plant.

On the 12th of March 2024, the vietnamese delegation visited the Basilicata region with the goal of strengthening the on-going commercial relationships between the two countries.

The Vietnam Ambassador, Mr. S.E. Duong Hai Hung and his delegation, first visited the Potenza Prefect and then the local industries that are mostly involved in international markets.

STM was honored to be among the hosting companies and to have the vietnamese delegates in his Tito Scalo’s plant.

The visit has been a significant momento for STM as it represents a further recognition of the company’s impact on the local territory but also for its national’s presence among international markets.

The cooperation between Italy and Vietnam has a strong history and started 50 years ago; in this new Vietnam’s develoment phase, it is important to be discussing and pick the partnership opportunities that can arise from gathering moments such as the one of yesterday.


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