Thermal power generation plant is the most conventional source of electric power. Conventional plants produce electricity by burning fossil fuels, such as coal, in order to have pressurized high temperature steam and to use it to rotate a turbine, with consequent electricity production. Biomass is biological material widely used as an alternative energy source in thermal power generation. The main advantage of using is that the CO2 produced during the process is the same gas that the material has absorbed from the atmosphere in previous years. This avoids any release of new CO2 into the atmosphere, with consequent benefits for the environment.

COAL HANDLING. STM has great experience in the handling of coal by designing and realizing conveyor systems to process coal both in the mines and in the power stations. To handle those kind of materials in a complex power plant it is necessary to design a system with exceptional reliability, able to avoid any kind of shutdown for tens of years.

STM provides a complete engineering including specific back-up solutions, limited maintenance devices, best-in-class components manufacturers. The conveyors for this application are designed for long lifetime and for minimizing extraordinary maintenance and downtime risk. Thanks to its flexibility and long experience in this field, STM succeeds in creating and managing equipment of any size and complexity, including mobile plants. This configuration satisfies the plant owner who wants to have freedom to move the plant after limited time usage in determined area.


A valuable example of STM long experience in coal handling is the supply of seven conveyor belts to ENEL’s Federico II power plant, in the Brindisi area (Italy).

This thermal power plant – total capacity of 2640 MW installed and with an area of about 270 hectares – is the second largest thermal power plant in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

The belt conveyor system supplied by STM includes n.7 conveyors, one of them reversible, 2 distributors, 4 tank feeders, 2 transfer towers and all the support steel structures for the conveyors and mixers.

STM designs and supplies a belt conveyor system that runs inside an enclosed gallery. Then by means of transfer tower, the solid bulk material will be redirected and loaded on a new belt conveyor. The structure of these towers are buffered by waterproof and air tight panels and equipped with a dedusting system to avoid powders’ atmospheric dispersion.

In this way, we can convey the material from different points of the site into a storage building and then onto docks for loading, onto barges, ships or to land based transportation loading facilities.

  • Industry: Thermoelectric
  • Location: Italy
  • Material: Coal
  • Special characteristics: Coal humidification and storage system with 400 meters conveyors belts