STM Conveyor Systems can be designed for some of the major applications of the industrial field that goes from the Refining industry to the Thermoelectric one.

Our applications in the Industrial field are the following:

  • BITUMEN PLANTS: Conveyor systems are crucial in bitumen plants (manufacturing of asphalt, macadam, other forms of coated roadstone) to transport all the raw materials. It is crucial to create a conveyor with small sections but able to carry high volume of materials.
  • THERMOELECTRIC: STM provides a complete engineering solution, including specific back-up solutions, limited maintenance devices, best-in-class components for thermoelectric plants for thermal power generation plants, producing electricity by burning fossil fuels, such as coal, and biomass plants, producing energy by biomass components (a biological material widely used as an alternative energy source in thermal power generation).
  • REFINING: Enclosed conveyors are often used to handle the coke into a storage building and docks for loading onto barges, ships or to land based transportation loading facilities.
  • WASTE TO ENERGY: In plants producing electricity from waste, materials are not difficult to process or to transport. However, the low density imposes a different design approach in order to handle a high volume of materials but also to guarantee high values of tpa to feed adequately the processing machines.
  • HEAVY CLAY: Conveyor systems play a key role in the production of bricks as well. Indeed the conveyors are used to transport the heavy clay, and other raw materials, from storage to crushing machines and then to mixing machines. The most important thing is to provide a specific kind of rolls and an efficient cleaning system.
  • BATCHING PLANTS: Conveyors belt system allow for the extraction and the automatic weighing of granules needed for the concrete mix. The installation plan usually includes a silo for storage and segregation of inert materials and a belt conveyor system for dosing and feeding. Based on customer’s needs, STM designs and realizes the specific handling system for automatic flows management in the concrete mixing plant.

Our Industrial Projects

Barile Cement Plant

23 November 2021

Gela Power Plant

Gela Power Plant

10 October 2019