We are delighted to announce the attendance of STM Group to the WTC 2023 Exhibition taking place in Athens – Greece (Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (MAICC)) from the 15th to the 17th May 2023.

Our team is excited to be back, after the WTC 2022 edition which took place in Copenaghen, to this important international event that will allow us to meet customers and partners working the tunnelling sector, a rising sector for the development of major infrastructures for many cities.

Conveyor belts have been recognized as crucial in tunnelling projects as they allow for the reduction and avoidance of cities traffic as most of the metro extensions’s or water drainage projects are located right in the heart of city centers.

STM Conveyor Belts Systems allow construction site to avoid the increasing of traffic in the most congestioned urban area by being placed at the starting of the excavation chamber and travelling through the entire underground tunnel  and then to the outer part of the site.

Materials are conveyed to outer conveyors directly from the spoil pit by one of our innovative vertical conveyors, from which it is then handled and loaded onto trucks located out of the city centers and directed to the dump sites and quarries.

This innovative system proves to be crucial in reducing the movement of heavy vehicles within the city, limiting their routes to a few hundred meters: from the unloading points of the belts to nearby bypasses.

In addition to decongesting urban traffic, this method allowed for a significant decrease in air pollution that would otherwise have been produced.

The conveyor belt system is a sustainable solution, a low environmental impact technique within the construction site.

Please visit us Booth #132 – Zone F if you wish to learn more about our effective conveyor system solutions for the underground application!


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